Must taste in Guangzhou

Guangzhou is Said to be the best Place to Taste Cantonese Food

Dim Sum

Guangzhou has got so much to offer to its visitors. Here are top three dishes from the Cantonese cuisine which cannot be missed out when in Guangzhou.

Dim Sum

If you like Chinese food, get ready to take your appreciation one step forward because you are going to be introduced Cantonese cuisine, also known as the Yue Cai, and you mind will simply blow.

Dim Sum is actually a popular dish in Chinese cuisine however one must admit that the most delicious variant of Dim Sum is he one that is made in Guangzhou. There are many restaurants specialized in Dim Sum in Canton and you simply will not have enough.

In Guangzhou, while you are enjoying you dim sum (which may be referred as the Chinese dumplings), you will probably be offered a cup of tea since that is the serving etiquette in Canton. You can see dim sum even in the super markets, both fresh and frozen however you are recommended to try it in a special restaurant since it is more of a ritual.

There are many restaurants in Guangzhou to have dim sum but the most famous of them is Panxi Restaurant. They serve over a thousand types of dim sums.

Gongfu Tea

This is a must when in Canton. The drinking of Gongfu tea is sort of a ritual in the city and there are teahouses you can see the whole ceremony. Drinking of Gongfu tea requires special attention to teapot, tea leaves and the quality of water as well with how the tea is served.

Shuimu Lianqing Lingnan Teahouse, Liuhua Teahouse and Tongqing Tang are the three most famous teahouses in Guangzhou and you can enjoy a proper tea ceremony in each of them. The price range changes however don’t be surprised if it will be a bit more expensive than back home; it is not just the tea, it is a treat.

At least on dish from the Cantonese Cuisine

Guangzhou is actually the paradise to try the exquisite and not so usual dishes from the Cantonese cuisine. There is something for everyone in the menus of the Guangzhou restaurants; if you are vegan or vegetarian, you’ll be just fine. However, if you are meat lover, then you’ll think you are in paradise. The cuisine offers more than okay for the seafood enthusiast as well.

Cantonese seafood soup is one of the most preferred examples of “slow cooked” dishes in the cuisine and if you like seafood, it must be in your list. Steamed scallops with ginger and garlic and Mantis shrimp are also among the famous dishes that include seafood.

Chow mein and Wonton noodles must be tried out if you are after the perfect noodle. Char siu and roast duck are special to Chinese cuisine but you can eat some of the best examples of these in Canton.


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