Must do in Guangzhou

Cruise on Pearl River, Guangzhou
There are so many attractions to choose from, so many things to try in Guangzhou, China but missing these three out would be nothing but regret.

Take a cruise on the Pearl River

You already knew about the Pearl River before you knew anything else about Guangzhou, right? But there is a reason for that. This world wide famous river alone is probably the most beautiful thing that adds charm and uniqueness to Canton’s aura.

The Pearl River is the third largest river in China and it goes through the center of the city. Stores, restaurants and cafes are located along the river, turning the river coast into one of the most famous districts in Guangzhou.

It is impossible not to see Pearl River when you are in Guangzhou but taking a cruise on the river while enjoying the scenic look, especially the one at night, will definitely change your trips touch and will be an unforgettable moment for you. It is also possible to enjoy a dinner on a boat while you are admiring the beauty of Canton. The “Scenic Corridor” must definitely be included in your things to enjoy when in Guangzhou.

Enjoy the scenic look from the Baiyun Mountain

Baiyun Mountain, also known as the White Cloud Mountain in Guangzhou, is a natural treasure and definitely deserves a visit for those who appreciate the natural beauty of the places they go.

The name “White Clod Mountain” is given to the mountain because of the clouds gathering on top of the mountain after the rain. These are also one of the major things that contribute to the picturesque look of the mountain.

There are six parts in the mountain that are available for visitors and these all have got exquisite accommodation options in the heart of nature. So if you have a couple of extra days to spend in Guangzhou and it is the beginning of fall or the middle of spring, you should consider spending these days there to enjoy the lakes, walking paths and every shade of green that’ll accompany you during your time there.

The mountain is accessible by buses that leave from Yuhua Road.

Go for a stroll in Yuexiu Park

It is the parks of a city that tells the most about them, right? Then you must definitely include Yuexiu Park, the biggest park in China, in your list to experience the Canton atmosphere the best.

Yuexiu Park is actually more than just a park.  There are many artifacts you can see as well as attractions to choose from to spend a lovely time there. There is also a small museum you can visit in the park. It is very easy to spend a whole day hand in hand with nature and participate in activities that’ll make your time even more unforgettable. The park is highly accessible by subway, so you don’t need to worry about getting there.

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