Guangzhou Tram

Guangzhou Tram


The fifth modern tram line also called THZ1, or YoungTram in China opened on December 31 in Guangzhou. The 7·7 km east-west Haizhu Line with 11 stops is first phase of a planned circular route in Haizhu district.

The standard gauge line runs along the south bank of the Pearl River, connecting Canton Tower with Wanshengwei. Interchange is provided at Canton Tower with metro Line 3 and the Zhujiang New Town Automated People Mover, and with lines 4 and 8 at Wanshengwei. The tramline’s stops are Canton Tower, Canton Tower East, Liede Bridge South, Party Pier (under construction), Nanfeng, Canton Fair Complex West, Canton Fair Complex Middle, Canton Fair Complex East, Pazhou Bridge South, Pazhou Pagoda, and Wangshengwei, for a total of 10 stops currently operating and 7.7 kilometers (4.8 mi) in length.

Guangzhou tram map
Guangzhou tram route

Services are operated by Guangzhou Metro Corp subsidiary Guangzhou Tram Co Ltd. During the trial operation period, due to run until February, services run every 13 min between 9.00 and 17.00. Fares are set at 2 yuan.

Technical Details

tn_cn-guangzhou_supercap_tram_053a275da1CSR Zhuzhou has supplied seven 100% low-floor trams. These were ordered in June 2013 and arrived in Guangzhou between September 28 and December 20. The four-section trams are powered only by supercapacitors and include drive components supplied by Siemens under a technology licensing and co-operation agreement. Maximum operational speed is 70 km/h.

In June 2013 Guangzhou Metro Corp subsidiary Guangzhou Tram Co signed a contract with CSR Zhuzhou for seven 100% low-floor trams. The first two were produced in Zhuzhou, with the subsequent five assembled in Guangzhou. The tram car is painted white and decorated with images of the kapok flower – the city flower of Guangzhou. The tram is made convenient for wheelchair users and bike riders for its low-floor design – its floor is only 35 centimeters above the platform ground. The low-floor also makes traveling less bumpy. As a commuter vehicle for sightseeing purpose, the tram has window panes larger than an ordinary metro car or bus. Wireless internet is available in the tram.

Siemens is supplying propulsion and control, braking and auxiliary systems, including powered bogies, under a technical licensing and co-operation agreement.

The onboard supercapcitors will be automatically charged from a ground-level power supply at stops. This will normally take between 10 sec and 30 sec. The trams are able to run for up to 4 km between charges. According to CSR Zhuzhou, the braking energy recovery efficiency is more than 85%. Mobile charging vehicles are to be used in case of faults at the charging points.

The four-section tram is 36·5 m long with a capacity of 386 passengers. Floor height at the entrance is 325 mm. There are five sets of doors, 10 ‘priority seats’ and two wheelchair spaces. The stainless steel bodied trams are capable of a maximum speed of 70 km/h, a maximum gradient of 60‰ and a minimum curve radius of 25 m.

How Haizhu Tram Creates a Mobile Library

Haizhu Tram has transformed itself into a mobile library. Over the last three months, passengers can read and listen to audiobooks on the tram, while enjoying the riverside landscape. Now let’s see how this amusing library looks.
Tram Library
First you will encounter two full, floor-to-ceiling bookcases, and a staff member flipping the pages of book. But don’t bother to pat her and ask for help. Why? Because the bookcases and the librarian are vivid images on the wallpaper! It is the two dimensional duplicate of Fang Suo Commune in Taikoo Hui.
Haizhu Tram Coach Inside View
Next comes the He Tian Bookstore which caters to female readers. Different from the other compartments, this place is decorated with fresh, small white flowers and beautiful, reassuring sayings besides books. The exquisite arrangements will make you feel calm in the midst of chaos, with just a short mental break.
Passenger Seats in Guanzhou Tram
History is indispensible in a library. Xue Er You Bookstore turns a whole compartment into a history book about the tram sites and the Pearl River. Old photos of Liede, Pazhou Pagoda and Chigang Pagoda will bring you back to the old days.

Last is an exciting room with all the Jin Yong’s wuxia fiction. Wuxia is a genre of martial arts and chivalry. Jin Yong fans should be thrilled listening to the audiobooks, as the amazing fighting scenes may sound more like a real life show.

Isn’t that fun? Expecting more? Just recommend your favorite bookstores to the tram staff, and you may have chance to see them on the tram.

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