Best Free VPN Service, How to Choose ?

Free VPN and Hidden Cost

Before we look at the best free VPN options available in China, let us understand what is VPN. VPN is a acronym for Virtual Private Network.

To explain it is simple terms let us say you are working in a medium or large office, the situation is you are part of a network and you share many resources centrally like the printer, central database or inventory management system or customer relationship management system. This would be called LAN or Local Area Network. This is a local set up where outside internet users normally cannot access. In case of large networks spanning over different cities then it is called a WAN. WAN can be achieved through various means. One of them is a Virtual Private Network and it is the most cheapest and easiest to setup and running.

How VPN Works ?

A VPN is a private network that uses a public network (usually the Internet) to connect remote sites or users together. The VPN uses “virtual” connections routed through the Internet from the business’s private network to the remote site or employee. Basically  a VPN is like a tunnel connecting your computer to a private network. Since the internet is a not safe VPN connections adopts an encrypted communication process. By using a VPN, businesses ensure security — anyone intercepting the encrypted data can’t read it.

Other Uses of VPN

Current developments in security and world wide monitoring of safety, many agencies monitor your activities. Copyright and intellectual property rights protection group, national security, search engines , hackers and even some internet service provides are prying your data for various purposes. Some countries block contents and websites from access. So to avoid all this some companies are providing internet services through a Virtual Private Network. This is want most of know as VPN. This is a process where in all your internet access are directly sent to the VPN service providers instead of going through your regular internet service provider. Since the VPN service provider’s computers are located in different country they can access all restricted continent and pass the information to your computer or mobile phone.

Apart from safety and security, some online sales prices and offers are done based on the users location. Thus using a VPN service your computer pretends to be in the location same as your VPN service provider instead of your Internet Service Provider. This may at times help you find the best offer.

Computers, staff and band width cost money.

Setting up and running VPN servers are not easy. Servers don’t grow on trees, people don’t work for peanuts and no company provides free internet connection any where in the world. So how do you get Free VPN.

The Cost of Free Is Loss of Privacy

all major websites track your activities on the internet

When you’re not paying with real money, you’re usually paying with your private information or you’re directly compromising your privacy. Which is ironic because a lot of us use VPNs because we’re concerned about privacy on the internet. A good rule of thumb when it comes to any “free” product or service is that, if you’re not paying for it – you’re probably what’s being sold! This is the most common business model for most “free” services and content, and free VPN services aren’t an exception.

Internet Privacy on Free VPN
the large internet lacks privacy

If a company isn’t doing either of those things, but is still offering a completely free service, there’s something going on (this isn’t just limited to VPN services and even just the criteria listed above).

If you’re using VPN, you’re doing so to mask your real identity. You probably don’t want trackers from services like Google or Facebook to know about you at all times. Or you’re using it to watch blocked YouTube videos. In that case, whatever.

But when you use free VPN services, all that personal information now goes to them. This is arguably worse because free VPN services can do all sorts of crazy things to make the money you didn’t pay them. They can inject ads that weren’t there, sell your personal data to malicious parties and as we saw most recently, turn your whole computer into a botnet.

Warning: Hola, a widely used free VPN service used by around 47 million users across the world was found to be turning users computers into miniature proxy servers. Say I’m an Hola user in India and you’re an Hola user in the US. When I switch to a US proxy for a website, my traffic might just be routed from your internet connection and vice-versa. That’s not all – Hola was even found to be selling this bandwidth. Think about it, someone you have no idea about goes on the internet and does stuff and whose information gets logged? Yours.

All free VPN act as your ISP, and they can modify the downloaded or uploaded HTML code…
They inject Advertisement code that whenever you visit any site, you also in stealth mode visit the advertising company that pays them something like 0.001$ per visit. You end up slowing your internet connection and downloading more data than you are supposed to. If using mobile, you end up using more data than you are supposed to. So as to conclude there is actually no FREE VPN. You are either way Paying for it indirectly.

Free VPN disasters

There are also VPN services created by hackers and terrorist groups which either use this to hide their presence or detection and hack your data, Information and Bandwidth. Is your data not worth then you can choose to use one of these Free VPN But if you are communicating business information then paying for a good VPN is much cheaper than giving your email address and password or you credit card or bank information directly to the hackers

Do you still think you Need Free VPN

Ok !you may be on a tight budget or a student. Then the best way to choose is

  1. Choose reputed free VPN. Who are providing services more than 5 years.
  2. Choose light or limited edition of Premium VPN service providers
  3. Choose a VPN which already has a profit model.
  4. Read the terms of condition and Privacy policy before signing up for Free VPN if you think your time is much less worth than a few $ for paying for a Premium VPN.

There has been unverified news that China is Banning use OF VPN services and it is also obvious from the fact that China has asked Apple and local Android stores to remove all VPN software both paid and Free. Users may use at their own risk

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